Welcome to the 221e Developer Zone

The developer zone is where you can learn more about our developer tools, software, and hardware for your connected products.


For most users we recommend beginning with our Quick Starts. Quick start guides helps you move through the fundamentals of our hardware and software, getting your devices configured and operational.


One great place to start is a demo application. This section provides a few pre-built examples that you can download and execute on your desktop or mobile platforms.

Open Source

Join our community of developers who are passionate about technology and innovation, no matter your skill level or preferred programming language. Empowering Developers, Together!


This section provides information on the communication protocols and commands made available on our devices, defining rules, syntax, semantics, and synchronization of communication.


Imagine what you could do if you could bring Machine Learning into your embedded devices. Build production grade ML applications for activity tracking, fall detection, driving monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Here, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers about our sensor systems for you. We hope you find the answers here, otherwise please reach out to our support team for more information.

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